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Welcome to Virtual Perspective

Virtual Perspective is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality production studio based in Newcastle, Australia. We create custom interactive and immersive simulation software working across a wide variety of industries.

How Could Virtual Reality Help You?

Whether you need to train your team on maintenance procedures, want to visualise a large construction project or are wanting to educate on culture and architecture from the 1800's, you can use virtual reality technology to deliver better than ever before. Our team of developers and 3D artists can design complex virtual reality and augmented reality software applications to bring your vision to life to truly engage and delight your audience. We are truly passionate about using new, groundbreaking technology to design and develop applications that achieve and exceed your expectations. Talk to us about bringing your idea to life!

Industries We Help

Architecture and Planning

Eliminate design uncertainties. Validate your designs, identify problems and receive valuable feedback before construction begins and it’s too late. Read More.

Engineering and Industry

Save money, time and resources by using virtual simulations of your project when in the planning and development stages of a project. Read More.

Heritage and archeology

Engage, enlighten and delight your audience by offering a brand new way to experience and understand the world's history through virtualisation of customised and realistic environments. Read More.

Education and Training

Easily train people in areas that are otherwise expensive or difficult to do practically by instead using virtual or augmented reality. Whether it be fire fighting, equipment and operations training, or a virtual induction to your site, we can help you. Read More.


Here are some examples of the work we have done for businesses across Newcastle and Sydney NSW. Click on the snapshot to reveal more information on the projects.

Do You Have A Vision To Turn Into A Reality?

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What Makes Us Different

Have a personal and dedicated team take your vision and dream and turn it into something extraordinary and unique. Get ahead with new innovative technology with the people who are passionate to get it right just for you. Find out more about the team.

Custom Graphics

Work directly with the 3D modelling artist who will be bringing your ideas to life.

Code and Function

Our in house developers discuss with you your goals and objectives before they touch any of the code. Making sure it's exactly right for you.


We have a tech support team who can come and install and maintain your hardware. We partner with Demidov Innovations to give you dedicated in house IT support as part of our services to you.

Market Planning

We want you and the project we work on to succeed! We will work with you to make sure that the product works exactly the way it needs to, and help you strategise a way to implement your application or launch effectively.

Customer Testimonials

“Virtual Perspective were excellent to work with. They helped Lake Macquarie City Council navigate a new era of virtual technology and convert our ideas into reality. Virtual Perspective recreated a known location in the City in a 3D environment, within which we could superimpose various flooding scenarios. We then invited residents to experience this 3D world using virtual reality headsets as part of a process to develop a climate change adaptation plan with the community. The technology was extremely well received and inspired new thinking among participants that was previously not observed using 2D diagrams and aerial maps.”


We are located at 214 Macquarie Road, Warners Bay NSW 2287
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